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“The most relaxing atmosphere, staff is friendly and professional. Gene is the best therapist ever!”
~Barbara M.

“I love Tao Qi!  They personally cater to my specific issues and pay close attention during the massage.  They also have great advice for home remedies.  I especially enjoy the Qigong classes, which allows me to gain a better relationship with the staff.  I feel at home every time I walk through the doors, I wouldn’t give that up for anything.”
~Cassie L.

“This is truly one of the best treats I have given myself, everyone needs to pamper themselves, and this is a great way to do it.”
~Doris B.

“A great way to relax for an hour, but be careful…they can put you to sleep.”
~Jack M.

“I have been going to Tao Qi for years and have enjoyed the massages. These massages have not only been "ME- time," but have also been beneficial to my health. My stress levels have been managed and that makes me a happier person. I have told a lot of my friends that Tao Qi is the BEST place for Great Massages. I will be a member as long as I can.”
~Judy A.

"From the assistance I receive at the front desk, to the massage therapist and massage itself, I have always received exquisite service.  The environment is very relaxing and inviting, leaving you feeling that you have not a worry in the world. Having traveled all over the world, and of course getting a massage or two while I am in these different locations, I can honestly say that no other massage has compared to those at Tao Qi.  I have had a membership for about a year now and wouldn’t trade it for the world."
~Nichole F.

“After suffering many years of back problems, I have now found the best person to do a deep tissue massage. I would absolutely recommend Tao Qi to anyone.”
~Rosie T.

“I came to Tao Qi hoping to find someone who was experienced in a therapeutic/medical massage. I was experiencing burning, tingling and minor numbness along my upper back, neck, arm and hand.  Amanda greeted me, very friendly and knowledgeable regarding Tao Qi 's services and treatments. She set me up with a therapist who was very capable of handling my injury. Within 2 treatments, I no longer felt the symptoms I was experiencing. Tao Qi memberships are fairly priced and there was not a "sales pitch" or pressure to buy. I definitely recommend Tao Qi.”
~Sue C.

“I look forward to coming, and I am never disappointed when I leave.”
~Susan P.

"The staff at Tao Qi are outstanding! I've been a client since they opened in 2008. Massage is always great and I love the Qigong classes that Phi has started with Beth...she is amazing to learn from.”
~Liz T.

"Tao Qi Massage Therapy is one of the best I have ever experienced!  The therapists use a multitude of techniques and know how to work out the "kinks" in my trouble areas using deep tissue massage.  It's a great stress reliever and I always walk out of there feeling so much better.  On a personal note, they know and take care of their customers and treat them with the utmost dignity and respect.  I highly recommend their services!!"  
~Angie J.

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Yorktown, Va 23693
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